Obaviješteni smo iz sekretarijata komunističkih i radničkih partija Evrope, CWPE, da je, uz oslobađajuću presudu, okončan trogodišnji sudski proces u kojem je terećeno uredništvo glasila Komunističke partije Poljske “Zora” za promociju totalitarnog režima. U nastavku izjava KP Poljske, povodom zaključenja slučaja.

Dear comrades,

On the 18th of January the regional court in Dąbrowa Górnicza acquitted of the members of the editorial board of the Communist Party of Poland magazine „Brzask” and party’s website of charges of „promoting totalitarian system”.

This persecution is an element of the anti-communist campaign launched by the state authorities and aimed to illegalize the Communist Party of Poland. The trial started 3 years ago, just after the Law and Justice (PiS) party took power, on the basis of the denunciation made by the MP of this party on the activity of the CPP, in which he demanded the outlawing of the party. At the end of 2015, the indictment was put to three members of the editorial board of the Brzask magazine and the administrator of the website. At the time when the trial began, the prosecutor’s office was subordinated to political control of the PiS party and another attacks on independence of the courts started. During recent 3 years a 30 year long attempt by the authorities to liquidate achivements of the Peoples’ Poland and remove from social memory remembrance about everything associated with communism, has intensified.

In the acquittal decision the court informed that the accusation was too general and fragmentary, based only on small fragments of articles and sentences taken out of the context. Gathered evidence does not confirm that any crime was committed. It also stated that the promotion of communism does not equate promotion of a totalitarian system.

This verdict is a big success of our party, but by no means the end of our struggle. We must be ready to repel the next attacks.

Communist Party of Poland thanks all comrades and parties that showed their solidarity with our party and contributed to the fight against repressions.