Video from the brutal attack of the Greek Government against antiimperialist demonstration of Students with PAME yesterday

Dear comrades,

yesterday took place an anti-imperialist demonstration of the youth with the support of PAME.

The demonstration went in front of embassies of USA-France-UK and denounced the intervention in Syria

when the demonstration reached the statue of US President Truman, who bombed Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Greece to denounce USA imperialism the Government ordered the riot police to attack.

The murderous violent attack resulted in 6 young students injured and 2 arrested, who goes on trial today with very heavy charges.

PAME has called for a rally today during the trial.

Also in the afternoon very big rally against the imperialist intervention.

Watch the videos of the demonstration and the police attack against the students.

We call for condemnation of the attack and solidarity with the arrested students.


Here the Press Release of PAME yesterday



Nikolas Theodorakis