Poruka Komunističke partije Turske


Dear comrades,


The Central Committee of the Communist Party, Turkey during the Extraordinary Meeting just after the elections evaluated that the support coming from the fraternal parties did help a lot in our electoral struggle on the 1st of November. We want to thank all parties that have openly took a stand with the Communist Party, Turkey and highly appreciate the internationalist and revolutionary position they have practiced.

The report of the Central Committee on the elections has been released today and most probably the English translation will be presented to you soon. Although the votes that our party receive is still meaningless, it is important that our votes increased more than 5 times in 5 months. More, this increase is mainly from poor neighbourhoods where in some, the improvement reaches 1500 %.

The CC of the Party has taken measures to increase our work both organisationally and politically especially among the working people.

You should know and be sure comrades that, we will continue in this direction.


Thank you once again.

Fraternal greetings




Kemal Okuyan

First Secretary of CC